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This is the website for students and parents of Class 85.


Mr. Greenwood - LA/H/G, and FRENCH!
Ms. Jafri - Science
Ms. Derry - Art
Ms. A Shisko- IT, Library

This year, the school theme is:
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Our School Novel:
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    Here, you will find homework, assignments, and other important dates. Also, there are additional resources and tools to help you. This website is a collaborative effort where all can contribute. This site is for academic purposes only.

In RTMS, there is always respect for everyone. Character counts everywhere.
1. Be responsible
 2. Be respectful
 3. Be your best 
Math Math MathTT FR
 Fr Mu-cLA/H/GFR Music
 LA/H/G LA/H/GFrench  Math It
MathScLA/H/G Drama Sc
Science PheArtMathMath 
 ScienceFRArt PHE LA/H/G
PheLA/H/G  Math LA/H/G La\A/H/G

Discover the lighthouse within and always remember the seven habits of highly effective teenagers.  

Thank you!

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